Diana and Ray's Retirement Activities


Went to Oak Creek Village this morning.  Visited a  very nice Co-op Art Center.  Then we stopped off at Bell Rock scenic view turn-out.  Enjoyed the many red rock formations that surround the area.  Visited a chapel that was built in the red rock formation by a women in memory of her parents.

We found a house that we thought we could live comfortably in!!ImageImageImage

We visited “Hillside” shops and enjoyed the many whimsical art features that were placed around the area which included many large bronzes. Then we arranged for our “Pink Jeep” tour for tomorrow afternoon.


Then we  headed toward Slide Rock State park.  We found a great market with an outdoor restaurant and had lunch.  Next came Slide Rock park where we were entertained by the people going down the water/rock slide for a couple hours.  The views around the area were fantastic. 

We than returned to our hotel to freshen up and went to dinner.  Dinner was outside on the veranda at  the “Enchantment Resort”.  We were up in Boynton canyon surrounded by red rock formations.  Nice way to end the day! 


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